Welcome to my Principal’s Blog!

Welcome to my Principal’s Blog!

I will use this space to regularly spotlight the many great things taking place at Orange Charter School!

I will focus my initial entry on the main factor that distinguishes us from other schools.


Not only do they love kids and have a passion for teaching, they are also a highly accomplished group:

  • Did you know that EVERY OCS staff member received STEAM Certification Training this January?
  • Did you know that 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher Kristin Martin was named the 2012 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Teacher of the Year and teaches according to a flipped classroom model?
PAEMST 2004 Winners

Mr. Gatt is 3 rows down from the top on the far left. He is pictured with President Bush outside the White House.

  • Did you know that 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher Morgana Hover was a recipient of the prestigious Teaching Fellows Award?
  • Did you know that we have ACTUAL rock stars in our midst? Both Katharine Whalen/Grades 3-5 TA and William Dawson/Music Teacher are members of the band Squirrel Nut Zippers!?
  • Did you know that 4th Grade Teacher Karen Millin and Kindergarten TA Allison Weislak are original staff members, having been with us since the school’s opening in 1997? We affectionately refer to Allison as our “building historian”.
  • Here’s is a list of our staff members who have received master’s-level certifications: Scott Jewitt/7th & 8th Grade Social Studies, Andrew Gatt/7th & 8th Grade Science, Eliza Beasley-Bunnell/EC Teacher, Barb Smalley/7th &8th Grade Math TA, Ashley Potter/7th & 8th Grade Language Arts, Kristin Martin/7th & 8th Grade Math, Wendy Geise/Kindergarten Teacher, Allison Ames/Speech-Language Pathologist, Irama Alvarado/Spanish Teacher, Kim Apelgren/Guidance Counselor
  • Here’s a list of staff members who have received their doctoral-level degrees: Dr. Dana Breedlove/EC Teacher

It is an honor and privilege to know and work with you OCS Staff!