Community Funding Info

OCS – PATH: Community Support Opportunities

 What can you do for OCS?  We have so many opportunities to use your time, treasure and talents for our school, but some of the easiest ways to help are to link your grocery store cards, shop on our OCS Amazon page, and check your employer to see if your donations are matched to OCS so every time you spend money you’re supporting OCS more!

LINK YOUR GROCERY STORES TO OCS! (And please re-link as most de-link over the summer!)  We earned only $738.00 last year – we know we can do much more!


  • Harris Teeter OCS Number: 4712, click the link to link with OCS number 4712.


  • Target RedCard OCS Number: 115984, click take charge of education and search for OCS or enter our number, 115984


  • Kroger OCS Number: We are working on applying to Kroger for an OCS number – we will keep you posted on our success!


  • Weaver Street OCS Number: 238, for this program you purchase gift cards and ask the cashier to link them to OCS, and then use them to make your purchases!


  • Lowe’s Foods also has a gift-card sale program, if you would be willing to help coordinate a program for OCS (wherein members purchase gift cards in advance of their shopping, then use the cards to make the purchases), please contact Betsy Martin at 919-599-3748;


  • Food Lion has recently cancelled its school rewards program.



When you shop on, bookmark and always follow our OCS link!  The website looks just like amazon, but they know you’ve come from us and will give us back a percentage of your purchases!  And you can link your account through the Amazon Smiles program, which will give 5% back to OCS!  These are new programs by OCS PATH! Look up & link to Orange Charter School – (it says Raleigh, but its ok -that’s us!)


CHECK YOUR EMPLOYER BENEFITS – many local employers match OCS donations, check with yours and see how you can double your money automatically!