High School

Eno River Academy (K-10)

Located in Hillsborough, NC and expanding to K-12 by 2018

Formerly known as Orange Charter School

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High School Expansion Q&A Presentation


A Vibrant Educational Program focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) approach to education around the foundation of our traditionally strong Arts & Academics Program. STEAM is a framework for teaching all subject areas and is characterized by learning that is highly engaging and deeply interdisciplinary.

Eno River Academy enrollment begins in January 2016 with a lottery for 9th and potentially 10th grades. Enrollment via wait list will continue throughout 2016.

We utilize STEAM to deliver curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts and North Carolina Essential Standards, in order to prepare students for citizenship in our national and global community. The STEAM approach utilizes Project Based Learning in the classroom and across disciplines to equip our students with 21st Century skills such as:

Eno River Academy site plan

Eno River Academy site plan

  • effective written and oral communication
  • technological proficiency
  • creative and critical thinking
  • ethical behavior
  • ability to collaborate with others
  • ability to work independently




College and career readiness has never been more important for your high school student.  We prepare students by focusing on the real-world application of academics.  In addition, we offer rigorous scholastic standards, a progressive music curriculum, physical education, and a rich art infusion creating a unique learning environment for all students.



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