NC School Report Card

We take great pride in our record of academic achievement.


2013-2014 Achievement Results:

NC School Report Card for 2013-2014-NCDPI online access

NC School Report Card for 2013-2014-snapshot version (pdf)

Read To Achieve Grade 3 End-of-Year Results


Our EOG/EOC Composite Score grew by 7 points in comparison to last year, from 69.8% to 77%. We exceeded expected growth in Reading while meeting expected growth in Math. 100% of State and Federal targets were met.


NC READY Accountability Model Results-2012-2013:

NC School Report Card for 2012-2013


We met 100% of Federal and State targets while making expected growth.

2012-2013 marked a statewide transition year to a more rigorous curriculum (Common Core State Standards) along with comparably more challenging assessments. Therefore, results from last year cannot be compared head-to-head with previous years.

Overall, our EOG/EOC Composite Score of 69.8% reflects very positively on the work of our teachers and students as it exceeds that of all local school systems.


State of NC Report Card-2011-2012:


Orange Charter School was recognized as an Honor School of Excellence with High Growth based upon the State of North Carolina’s ABCs Accountability Model.



Prior Achievement Results:

2010-2011-Honor School of Excellence, Expected Growth

2009-2010-School of Distinction, Expected Growth