“PATH” stands for Parents and Teachers Helping and is our focal point committee to engage parents in community building and fundraising projects.  We function similarly to a traditional PTA, but are a committee of the governing board of Orange Charter School, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Our committee works to raise funds for annual goals to support the instructional initiatives of our teachers.  Already in 2013-2014 we have raised funds and purchased two SmartBoards for our elementary students and a sound system to support our middle school theater production!  This year we have a few more technology goals to meet and are excited to support our students by making our teacher’s wish lists a reality!

PATH goes beyond financial support by sponsoring our community-wide Fall Fest celebration, our school quarterly pot-luck dinners, and our ongoing teacher appreciation activities.  We believe our teachers are the happiest in the area and strive to make them even more grateful for our OCS community by engaging in teacher appreciation activities all year long, not only for a week in May!  Our school holiday slideshow, which featured students thanking their teachers and wishing them a happy winter break, was a tremendous success causing many teachers to tear up and feel our school’s love for our amazing teachers and staff!

PATH meets on the first Wednesday of every month starting at 6:30 PM in the OCS cafeteria.

Join us on our “PATH” to supporting student and teacher success!


2014-2015 PATH Event & Meeting Calendar


PATH Meeting Minutes:


PATH Committee Leadership:

Committee Chair: Betsy Martin, Parent (

Secretary: Amy Gross, Parent (

Treasurer:  (vacant)

Teacher Representatives: Julie Williams, 2nd Grade Teacher (